I have over fifteen years’ experience speaking and delivering workshops.

I enjoy connecting with any group, but I particularly love supporting mothers and busy women to develop strong self-care practices so that they can connect to their hearts and take action to create a life that they love.

Listed below are my signature speaking topics, which can be delivered in a presentation or workshop. 


What is life trying to tell you?

So many women find themselves on the hamster wheel of life, rushing from one thing to the next for the good of their families. They go to bed exhausted every night and often they aren’t excited to start the next day. Sometimes they wake with a sense of dread when faced with the same routine, which ultimately is wearing them down. They know that something is wrong but they don’t know what it is. Through this presentation I support busy women and mothers to understand what’s missing from their lives and explore how life could be different for them.

"Thank you for a wonderful session. I have learnt a lot about myself and am excited for the future." – Kathy


Have you fitted your oxygen mask?

The love mothers feel for their children is often described as deeper than anything else they have ever experienced. It is this love that so often sees mothers doing everything for their families and not much for themselves. This can make them cranky, exhausted and sometimes resentful. In this presentation I cover why it’s so important for mothers to take some 'me time' and how it supports them to be their best selves!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I loved Monique’s knowledge and calming voice. I highly recommend the workshop." – Jodie


How to support yourself

Some mothers know it’s important to do things for themselves and are ready to go deeper and look within. But the question they're facing is "Where to begin?" This presentation supports mothers to explore the different ways they can stop, connect and listen to their hearts on a daily basis. 

"Monique was lovely to listen to and quite easy to open up to. I would recommend this for anyone that is in a fork in your life" – Gaybrielle

"This workshop opened my eyes on how to implement changes to live a fuller, more enlightened life." – Penny


Not just a mum – developing your passions and purpose

Motherhood brings many women so much joy. Their love for their children is boundless, but often they want something more – something outside parenting their children just for themselves. In this presentation I talk about the importance of giving ourselves permission to want more and explore ways that woman can find out what they want and go after it with confidence.

"Thank you Monique! What a lovely, informative session. Thanks for solidifying the path that I am on and providing such great information. You are such a kind, knowing soul. I would really recommend this workshop." – Kelly


Soul care and alignment

Mothers are often so busy they cannot hear their inner voice. This longer workshop supports mothers to explore ways to connect with themselves daily and how to live in alignment with what their soul is calling them to do. I cover how to listen to ourselves and why it's important, how to move through barriers that stop us from connecting and how to live in alignment with our inner voice.

"Monique provided an engaging workshop that detailed examples of self-care practices and why they are so important for us. She gave us simple steps to take to ensure we give ourselves enough self-care as well as guidance around goal setting. She was helpful, friendly and created a beautiful, comfortable space."  – Gemma

"Monique has created a beautiful soulful workshop filled with practical strategies to find calm, balance and passion amidst the everyday chaos. Monique outlines valuable self-care tools and how to implement small “pockets” of self-care into our routines that work, and don’t cost lots of time or money. Perfect for even the busiest of mums. Highly recommend." – Suzanne

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