I have had the privilege to work with a wonderful group of women.

Here's what they've lovingly shared about our time together...

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Angela Ashley Chiew

"Coaching with Monique supported me to tap into my own needs by asking myself what I really needed to nurture myself.  My loved ones have noticed a softening, a loving acceptance, more flow and presence since I began coaching with Monique.  I also began surrendering more and working with what life presents rather than my old pattern of trying to control it.

The coaching really embedded a new way of talking to myself and interacting with the world.  I’ve invited more kindness, nurturing and love for myself on a daily basis. It’s helped me strengthen my REAL inner voice and turn down that inner critic and approach her with love and curiosity."

Life coach at A Life in Flow


Dianne Muir

"Wow!  It was truly amazing to work with Monique and be supported to dig deep and work towards my personal goals.  During the coaching series I felt heard, supported and empowered.

I found the coaching series to be powerful and effective.  I’ve been taking time to nurture myself and my husband has noticed a change in me.  I feel calmer, free and happy!  I would highly recommend working with Monique, she is an awesome life coach!


Johanna Parker

"Monique wants to see everyone she comes in touch with live a life they love and having had the privilege of being her coach, I have seen her dedication to showing up in the world as her best self so that she may in turn inspire and empower others to do the same.

Monique’s ability to see opportunity for a deeper connection with heart, mind and soul in even the most trying of times means that any mum working with her will be supported to find the truest and most fulfilling version of themselves amongst all that they do and bring to the world."

Life coach and speaker at Heart Sparks


Amy Mackenzie

"Having had the honour of being Monique's coach, I have gotten to witness first hand her passion and commitment to her clients and business. With a beautiful blend of drive and alignment, Monique is a shining example of practicing what she teaches. I am very excited for anyone who gets to work with Monique as I am certain it will be a life changing experience.' 

Life and business coach at Designing her Life


Marion Walsh

"My coaching series with Monique was empowering and uplifting  Through coaching I’ve become a much stronger person and I am actually taking inspired action rather than just thinking about it.  My biggest shift has been my self-talk.  I am feeling confident in myself and in taking action towards my dreams.

My best friend has noticed that I see everything differently now.  I believe if anyone is interested in a coaching series that will help change their lives, then there is honestly no one better than beautiful Monique.  The wisdom and love that she emanates is such a welcoming energy, she is serving her purpose perfectly." 

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