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I’m Monique, a Life and Passion Coach.

I work with devoted mothers who are craving the space to stop, reconnect, listen to and act upon the voice in their heart. 

I support women who adore being ‘Mum’, but are also ready to grow and welcome more joy, more passion and more fulfilment into their lives.

I’m here to guide you in creating the time and energy to focus on you, so you can start to take inspired steps towards a life you truly love – not just as a mother but as your most genuine, passionate self. 

I believe you deserve to put ‘me time’ back on your agenda

As mothers, we give and give so much that we often find ourselves neglecting our own self-care and our own needs outside of our family.

We get caught up in the amazing whirlwind of being a mum.  But as our children grow and go off to school we can often find that we’ve lost sight of who we are and what we want.

This can leave us feeling:

  • Stressed and exhausted or like there’s never any time to simply stop and be.

  • Uninspired or unfocussed; like we’re just going through the motions of life without a clear purpose outside being a mum.

  • Disconnected to who we are outside our family role.

  • Confused or lost with no idea of how we can move forward.


You deserve to have a life that makes you leap out of bed with inspiration and excitement for your day instead of just rushing to get things done!

It all begins with creating the space for you to really stop and listen.  So that you can connect with your inner voice and be guided by its wisdom.

Sounds simple, right?

It doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Life, as it does, gets in the way, and we can find ourselves constantly rushing and pushing through our endless to-do lists.

That is where I come in… 


I’m here to help you stop, connect, discover and do.

As your coach I am dedicated to supporting you to create the space you truly deserve to focus on yourself.  I am passionate about guiding you to reconnect with who you are right now, so you can start creating a life that lights you up.

I can help you to:

  • Create the time and space to mindfully stop and connect with your heart.

  • Learn how to listen to this inner voice and trust its endless wisdom.

  • Discover the depths of who you are outside of being a mum.

  • Learn to prioritise and live in alignment with your deepest, soulful desire.

  • Bust through fear and move towards a life you truly love!

Ready to get started?

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My story 

If we don’t take the time to stop and listen, life can do it for us.

For me, I learnt the hard way that unless we take the time to stop and listen to our inner voice, life will often force us to take notice.  When I had children, my love for my daughters was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I adored being a mother, and I was excited to passionately juggle it all.  I wanted to raise my wonderful girls and have a job that I loved.

But problems arose when I returned to a role that I didn’t love.

Yes it was safe, it was reliable and the money was good.  But it didn’t excite me.  I felt miserable leaving my girls in care for a job I didn’t enjoy.  And it didn’t take long until the stress of it really got me down.

It got so bad that my health began to suffer.  I felt depressed and suffered from intense and debilitating migraines.  I was losing my physical balance, my ears were ringing all the time and my back was constantly twitching.  On some days it even affected my ability to walk – which meant I had to crawl on the floor to move around my home.   

Because of this I had to take a lot of time off work, and I couldn’t even fully enjoy my most treasured role of all… being mum to my two girls. 

It was only through my time off work that I was forced to see things clearly

Luckily for me I had a wonderful boss who encouraged me to get well.  She helped me to eventually accept that I needed to rest, and to really start to look after myself and stop trying to merely push through.

It took six months of long service leave to make me do just this.

I started slowing down.  I began connecting with myself on a regular basis. I practised mindfulness and gratitude.  I spent time in nature and was blown away by its beauty.  I reflected and I journaled.  I listened to what my heart and soul had been desperately trying to tell me.

And best of all… I started to take action.


Following the breadcrumbs of my soul led me here to you

Once I realised I had the strength to create the life I wanted, joy and happiness began to flow in ways I had never experienced.  I began living with intention and was conscious of my energy.  I worked with a coach and I started exploring new career options.  I allowed myself to study.  To learn and read new ideas, to meet new people and to try new and exciting hobbies. 

I created space to allow myself to grow.

And it was in this space of reconnection that I could hear my soul.  I wanted to work with women. To help other mothers truly realise that they are important too.  That they could also learn the tools they need to create a life they love and that they would not need to take six months off work to do it.

For the first time in my life, I felt whole.  And now I’m here to support you on your path to feeling the same.  

I have supported people and communities through my program and event work with children, young people, women and families for over fifteen years.

In 2014 I answered the whisper of my soul and retrained, so that I could work with individuals, supporting them to live their best lives.  I have been working as a coach since early 2015.

My qualifications:

Beautiful You Life Coach

Reiki Healing Level 1 + 2

Sacred Women’s Circle Facilitator

Diploma of Community Services

Diploma of Community Development

Bachelor of Social Science

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A little bit more about me...

I have two daughters that I adore.

We live on the outskirts of Melbourne, surrounded by trees and green hills with our dog Elwood.

I love having fun, being silly (especially with my daughters), deep supportive friendships with like-minded soul sisters, reading and learning about people, our minds and our bodies. 

I am spiritual. I love connecting with myself and I believe there is lots for us to celebrate in life, if we allow ourselves to find it. 

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